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Catalog:Pottery: stock #1214949

c. 7th-5th Century B.C.

This burnished black bowl is shallow in form and consists of several decorative elements. The interior of the base is recessed and displays incised crosshatching. Four bands run around the upper exterior of the vessel with three pierced chevrons on either side of the rim. In addition to making this piece rather unique these pierced chevrons combined with the decorated base of the vessel suggest that is may have been hung when not in use, similar to the Greek kylix, or it may have been produced entirely for decorative purposes.

A few small chips on the rim, otherwise in excellent and original condition.

7.1 x 2.8 inches (18.03 x 7.11 cm)

Worldwide shipping and Certificate of Authenticity included in price.

Export Approval from the Israel Antiquities Authority.


Etruscan bucchero ware is not only extremely beautiful but is achieved through a high degree of technical understanding. First, the shape and details of the vessel are formed. It is then fired in a reducing environment which creates the black color characteristic of bucchero ware. The gloss is then obtained by burnishing the piece.
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