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These two volumes offer a comprehensive corpus of ceramic forms and their typological development organized according to period, geographical region, and cultural tradition. The focus of each chapter is on the most characteristic pottery types and decorative motifs selected from a wide range of sites.

Unique in scope, this publication presents a wide range of ceramic types accompanied by specially prepared pottery plates and color photos illustrating thousands of forms. A classic reference work, it serves as an essential resource for archaeologists and other scholars and students of ancient Near Eastern studies. Volumes covering the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods and the Bronze Age are currently in preparation.

Volume 1

1.1 Iron Age I: Northern Coastal Plain, Galilee, Samaria, Jezreel Valley,Judah, and Negev (Amihai Mazar)

1.2 Iron Age I: Philistia (Trude Dothan and Alexander Zukerman)

1.3 Iron Age I: Transjordan (Larry G. Herr)

2.1 Iron Age IIA–B: Northern Coastal Plain (Gunnar Lehmann)

2.2 Iron Age IIA–B: Northern Valleys and Upper Galilee (Amnon Ben-Tor and Anabel Zarzecki-Peleg)

2.3 Iron Age IIA–B: Samaria (Ron E. Tappy)

2.4 Iron Age IIA–B: Judah and the Negev (Zeºev Herzog and Lily Singer-Avitz)

2.5 Iron Age IIA–B: Philistia (Seymour Gitin)

2.6 Iron Age IIA–B: Transjordan (Larry G. Herr)

3.1 Iron Age IIC: Northern Coast, Carmel Coast, Galilee,and Jezreel Valley (Ayelet Gilboa)

3.2 Iron Age IIC: Samaria (Ron E. Tappy)

3.3 Iron Age IIC: Judah (Seymour Gitin)

3.4 Iron Age IIC: Northeastern Negev (Itzhaq Beit-Arieh and Liora Freud)

3.5 Iron Age IIC: Philistia (Seymour Gitin)

Volume 2

4.1 Iron Age I–II Phoenician Pottery (Ephraim Stern)

4.2 Iron Age I–II Cypriot Imports and Local Imitations (Ayelet Gilboa)

4.3 Iron Age I–II: Greek Imports (Jane C. Waldbaum)

4.4 Iron Age IIC Assyrian-Type Pottery (Ephraim Stern)

4.5 Iron Age IB–IIC Egyptian and Egyptian-Type Pottery (Eliezer D. Oren)

5.1 Persian Period (Ephraim Stern)

5.2 Persian Period Imports (Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom)

6.1 Hellenistic Period (Andrea M. Berlin)

6.2 Hellenistic Period Imported Pottery (Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom)

Editor: Seymour Gitin

Publisher: Israel Exploration Society, 2015

Dimensions: 10.9" X 8.3" / 27.6 x 21 cm

Language: English

Hardcover, 808 pages, 328 plates with 3,393 images, 34 color plates illustrating 277 vessels

In new condition.

Ships from Jerusalem, Israel. $45 Shipping.

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