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Luristan, 900-700 BCE

The Luristan culture is known for their beautiful and intricate bronze work as well as their fighting prowess. It is therefore no surprise that their weaponry would be high quality and functional while still maintaining some of the characteristic Luristan charm. This example has a ribbed blade which connects to a flat hilt with two curved indents and raised geometric designs. The pommel is bifurcated with each side taking the shape of a flattened semi-circle, and is generally referred to as either a “winged” or “ear shaped” pommel. Chasing on the interior and a raised dot at the base give additional visual interest. It is hard to know if this pommel design was for the benefit of form or function, although both were probably considered. In excellent condition.

From a private American collection.

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The Luristan culture flourished in the Zargos Mountain region in the late 2nd and early 1st millennia BCE. They were a horse culture common to such environments with most of their time being spent in animal husbandry with a small amount of agriculture. They are best known for their bronzes and their vibrant artistic repertoire. Although diverse, their iconography focuses largely on animals, supernatural and human figures with the Master of Animals being a prevalent motif in their works, indicative of their lifestyle.
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