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STILLWELL, AGNES NEWHALL & BENSON, J.L, CORINTH Volume XV Part III, The Potter's Quarter: The Pottery, The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Princeton, 1984

From the Results Conducted by The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, and with contributions by Alan L. Boegehold and Cedric G. Boulter, the artifacts presented here have great value apart from the circumstances of their finding. The basic division of this catalogue is by period within which the entries are arranged in order of the deposits, subdivided according to the established sequence of shapes. The following discussions are designed further to provide the detailed explanations, and in some cases justifications, for the structure and nature of the catalogue and the arrangement of the plates. While the arrangement of photograph views on the plates is according to shape and find-place, the arrangement of the drawing plates generally ignores find-place (though not necessarily shape) in order to group together similar motifs as much as possible. In this sense the drawing plates are intended to be a repertory of dated motifs. In regard to the actual placement of photographs on the plates, an attempt has been made to spell out visually the sequence of shapes and find-places presented in this catalogue

The contents of this book include: a Preface - List of Illustrations - Abbreviations - Introduction - The Catalogue ( I. The Geometric Graves, II. The Decorated and Incised Pottery 8th-6th Centuries, III. Corinthian Pottery of the Classical Period, IV. The Silhouette Style, V. Pinakes, VI. Defective Vases, VII. Black Incised Ware, VIII. Stoppers, IX. Plastic Vases, X. Non-Corinthian Fabrics, XI. Sub-Geometric Vases, XII. The Linear Style, XIII. Miniature Vases, XIV. Coarse Wares) - Appendixes I-III - List of Principal Deposits - Concordances I - III - Indexes I -VIII - and Plates

With 126 plates. and 432pages.

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