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Iron Age II (c. 850-600 BC)

Composed of a globular body on a flat base with a cylindrical neck and a flaring rim. A ridge is present on the neck and a handle is attached from neck ridge to shoulder. The piece is decorated with a red burnished slip and black painted decoration. The painted decoration is in the form of four black bands on the body of the vessel and concentric circles on the shoulder. Horizontal black bands are also present on the neck and rim of the juglet with a vertical black band on the handle.

Found in Jerusalem. A museum quality piece, in excellent and as found condition. Natural encrustation present.

3.46 x 2.16 inches (8.8 x 5.5 cm)

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A quintessential example of the “Black on Red Ware” type this juglet would have been used for the storage of perfume and other precious oils. Originating in Cyprus during the Cypro-Geometric period it was then transferred to the Holy Land due to the intense cultural interaction between the regions at this time. So popular was this type of ware that imitations were produced even in antiquity. This piece however, is not one of these imitations as evidenced by the quality of the workmanship.
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