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 Catalogue : Seals, Scarabs, Cuneiform
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Catalog:Seals, Scarabs, Cuneiform: stock #1294134

Second Intermediate Period, Fifteenth Dynasty (c. 1650-1550 BCE)

This scarab is carved into the form of a stylized scarab beetle on the obverse and is inscribed with hieroglyphs on the reverse. On this example, these hieroglyphs include the symbols for the letters a-n-r. This inscription is significant in that it dates this scarab with certainty to the 15th Dynasty as well as suggests that the craftsmen were not fully familiar with the Egyptian language which they inscribed.

In fine condition, very clear inscription.

12 x 16 mm

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Export Approval from the Israel Antiquities Authority.


Daphna Ben-Tor, “The Scarab: A Reflection of Ancient Egypt” (Jerusalem:1993) pg. 28-32; cat. 2 and 4.


The “Hyksos” as they are now known were most likely Canaanites, or a group of mixed-Asiatic peoples, who had entered Egypt in the twelfth dynasty and ultimately came to rule. The term “Hyksos” is in fact a Greek corruption of “hekau khasut” which means “chieftains of a foreign land”.

The a-n-r inscription found during the period has been interpreted by some to represent the name of the god Ra. However, due to the inconsistency of the inscription between examples as well as the fact that the letters represented do not combine to form a word suggests that the craftsmen were more interested in their magical significance and supports the belief that they were foreign and relatively unfamiliar with the Ancient Egyptian language.

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