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 Catalogue : Seals, Scarabs, Cuneiform
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Catalog:Seals, Scarabs, Cuneiform: stock #682088

New Kingdom, Dynasty XVIII,c. 1570-1295 B.C.E.

A steatite scaraboid in good condition. Found in Israel.

On one face: the name of Ankhesenamun, her name means "she lives for Amun".

On the second face: A falcon head, with an ureaus and two big feathers, and a nfr sing.

Currently only 4 examples of this name occurring on small objects are known making this a very rare piece.

.59 inches (1.50 cms) long

An exact parallel can be found in Petrie, "Scarabs and Cylinders", with names, plate XXXVII, n° 32-33

Shipping and Certificate of Authenticity included in price.

Export Approval from Israel Antiquities Authority.


There is little known about Ankhesenamun (meaning “She lives through Amun” or “Living through Amun”) . She was originally named Ankhesenpaaten (meaning “She lives through the Aten” or “Living through the Aten”). Like Tutankhamun, she was originally named in reference to Aten (The Sun-Disk), who was worshipped during the Amarna period. At the end of the Amarna period the name endings were changed to “amun” to reflect the change of religion of the ruling family back to the worship of the god Amun (The Hidden One). Several other variations of her name are known such as Ankhesenamon and Ankhesenamum. It is believed she was approximately thirteen years old when she married Tutankhamun, who was around eight years old at the time and was most likely her half-brother .

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