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"ILLNESS AND HEALING IN ANCIENT TIMES" out of print last few copies
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Illness and Healing in Ancient Times

Hecht Museum, University of Haifa

Nili Shupak -And Joseph Commanded His Servants the Physicians to Embalms His Father’ (Genesis 50:2): The Physicians in the Joseph Story

Rivka Gerst - Gods of Medicine in the Greek and Roman World

Joe Zias - Health and Healing in the Land of Israel - A Paleopathological Perspective

Karl Reinhard and Peter Warnock - Archaeoparasitiology and the Analysis of the Latrine Pit Soils from the City of David

Joseph Naveh - Illnesses and Amulets in Antiquity

David Flusser - Qumeran and Medicine

Samuel S. Kottek - Demons and Diseases in Bible and Talmud

Esti Dvorjetski - Properties of Therapeutic Baths in Eretz-Israel in Antiquity

Yaakov Ashkenazi - Church Involvement in Medical Services in Byzantine Eretz-Israel

Zohar Amar - Medicinal Substances in Eretz-Israel in the Times of the Bible, the Mishnah and the Talmud in Light of Written Sources .

Ofra Rimon - Surgical Instruments from the Roman Period .


Hecht Museum, University of Haifa.

Illustrated .


"ILLNESS AND HEALING IN ANCIENT TIMES" out of print last few copies
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