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c. 3rd-1st Century B.C.

A collection of eight mold made terracotta heads of Isis-Aphrodite from Fayum, Egypt. In various conditions.

Sizes range from 1.40 inches (3.5 cm) to 2.80 inches (7cm) high

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Isis, the Egyptian goddess of fertility, was also endowed with magical powers. Isis worship reached its peak in the 4th century B.C. in Egypt, spreading from Alexandria throughout the ancient Greek world. In 86 B.C., the tripartite cult of Isis, her son Horus and her brother-husband Serapis (the Greek name for Osiris), was introduced into Rome and became one of the most popular branches of Roman religion. With the Roman conquest of Egypt in 30 B.C., the cultural cross-pollination came full circle. Greco-Roman gods, goddesses and religious traditions came to Egypt and were often combined with older traditions. As a result, the Greek goddess Aphrodite was worshipped alongside the Egyptian goddess Isis; attributes of the two were merged in Isis-Aphrodite.
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