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General Consul of Israel, Sami Taha & David Hendin

We are an antiquities gallery located in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel opposite The David Citadel Entrance. We offer fine antiquities and coins from the Holy Land and the larger ancient world. As a native of the Old City, the founder of the gallery, Mr. Sami Taha, has grown up surrounded by the significant historical artifacts and archaeology still present in the city. His passion for the culture, history and heritage of the region experienced as a boy is still evident today after over 25 years of business.

It is our goal to offer affordable and quality artifacts of historical and archaeological significance to serve a variety of tastes and budgets. Regardless of your particular area of interest or intended expense we feel assured that you will find something with us that will interest you. Our collection includes works from a variety of civilizations and time periods ranging from the 3rd Millennium B.C. to the 2nd Millennium A.D. and encompasses the Holy Land, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Byzantium, etc.. We are ready to assist educators, students, established collectors and people just starting their collections.

We feel that education is an extremely important part of collecting, no matter how experienced the collector. For this reason we offer a variety of books for sale by prominent authorities. We have also provided an Educational section with links to various pertinent museums and organizations, although it is by no means exhaustive.

We believe strongly that the collection and appreciation of ancient artifacts and numismatics should be open to all and we endeavor to make this possible. Whether through our website or by visiting the gallery in person we hope that our objects will enable you to experience the richness and diversity of the Holy Land.

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