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Although primarily devoted to antiquities from the Holy Land, the Biblical Artifacts collection encompasses a variety of time periods and cultures. In addition to providing quality antiquities to collectors throughout the world we also hope to help educate both the new and the veteran collector about our objects and the cultures from which they originate. It is for this reason that included in the description of many of the objects for sale on the website one will find background information about the time period, composition and/or iconography of the piece. Further information can also be found on the websites listed below which belong to some of the most prominent museums and organizations in the world with regards to antiquities and numismatics.

1) The Israel Antiquities Authority, Jerusalem.

This invaluable website includes not only cultural information with regards to antiquities of Israel but also legal information for the buying and selling of antiquities. In addition scholarly information can be found in the form of online articles and information on current archaeological research. A must visit for anyone at any level wishing to purchase antiquities from Israel or simply with an interest in the subject area.

2) The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Home to an extensive collection of artworks spanning several millennia the link below will direct one to the homepage of The Israel Museum. From here one can search the highlights of the catalogue or do a more in-depth search through the entire collection with the extremely user friendly site. Available in a variety of languages.

3) The American Numismatics Society, New York.

The link below will direct one to the homepage of the American Numismatics Society, one of the premiere organizations for the collection of currency from antiquity to the modern day. Their collection can be accessed through the "Collections" link and will provide useful information to every level of collector.

4) The Israel Numismatic Society

Dedicated to the advancement of the study of numismatics in Israel, the Israel Numismatic Society members are premiere scholars in their field. Included in the "Links" section of their website one will find a plethora of online research material as well as links to top numismatic collections around the world. In addition, the "Publications" section provides links to research done by group members and information on both on-line and off-line resources. As such this site is an invaluable resource to numismatic scholars of all levels.

5) The Metropolitan Museum, New York.

The link below will direct one to the main page for the collections of the Met Museum. From here one can gain access to the entire collection including highlights as well as the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, an invaluable resource for those just starting in collecting.

The "Learning" and "Research" sections can both be accessed through the main menu at the top of the collections page and provides various levels of information. In addition to being one of the best online resources for new collectors, more experience collectors will still find applicable and interesting information throughout the website.

6) The British Museum, London.

The below link will direct one to the "Explore" section of The British Museum's webpage and can be used to both explore the highlights of the collection or for educational purposes. A kid's section is also available.

For more in-depth exploration one can access the "Research" section of the website from the previous page and can from there can perform a more detailed search of the collection as well as keep up to date with The British Museum"s current research projects.

7) The Louvre, Paris.

The link below will take one directly to the collection search page for The Louvre Museum. From there one can search for a particular object of interest as well as view current exhibitions and gain access to their "Learn About Art" section. This section is particularly useful as it contains multimedia analysis or some of The Louvre's most significant pieces of art.

8) The Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem

Founded as the dream of a single man, The Bible Lands Museum is devoted solely to the artifacts of the Bible and the Ancient Near East. The link below will lead one to their homepage from which one can access the collection online through the "Exhibitions" page.

9) The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

The below link will direct one to the collection homepage of The Ashmolean Museum. Best known for its collection of Greek pottery and Anglo-Saxon artifacts, the Ashmolean is home to a variety of collections the majority of which are viewable on their website.

10) Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Berlin.

The link below will direct one to the main website for the 17 museums that make up the Berlin Museum System. These include The Pergamonmuseum, which specializes in Ancient Near Eastern Art, Antiquities and Islamic Art ; The Altes Museum, home to the collections Greek, Roman and Etruscan objects; The Neues Museum, which houses the Egyptian artifacts and the Bode Museum and it's Byzantine collection to name but a few. Although limited on the objects of the collection available to view online the site does provide access to a variety of current research topics in their "Research" section as well as interactive topics in the "Education" section making it a site best suited to more advanced collectors. Available in a combination of English and German.

11) The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, Chicago.

The museum of the prestigious Oriental Institute houses many artifacts of significant archeological expeditions to the Near East. From the below page one can search the collections as well as gain an overview of the museum itself. In addition, the research page can provide information to assist scholarly research and will be of use to more advanced collectors.

11) Nathan Greene Studio

Nathan Greene is a contemporary artist based in Michiagan, USA with a focus in recent years on religious and historical artworks. We encourage you to visit his site in the hopes that you may be inspired.

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